About ImmunoDigest.com

By John Livingstone, Founder

ImmunoDigest.com has been created because cancer patients need easily understood information about immunologic drug therapies that may lead to a cure. I am the founder of ImmunoDigest.com and received a diagnosis in 2007 of a terminal lymphoma. I know the extreme difficulty of finding information about treatment options.

Since then, I have watched family, friends, and colleagues desperately looking information when cancer affects them. I would send them what limited information I could find to help them. It was then I decided to do something bigger to fill the need of helping many cancer patients and created ImmunoDigest.com, a database of success stories.

In the last few years there are so many exciting new developments in the field of immunologic drug therapies and this has resulted in thousands of people being given a second chance at life.

ImmunoDigest.com is collecting success stories, in a database, of “cured” cancer patients from around the world so that newly diagnosed cancer patients and their advocates will have more information to discuss with their oncologists.

Recently, a good friend of mine, referred me to an article in the Los Angeles Times that demonstrates how desperately this database of information is needed. A staff writer, Laurie Becklund, in her last column before her death, wrote (lightly edited for brevity):

“We now know that breast cancer is not one disease. What works for one person might not for another: There is no one ‘cure.’ We are each, in effect, one-person clinical trials. Yet the knowledge generated from those trials will die with us because there is no comprehensive database of metastatic breast cancer patients, their characteristics and what treatments did and didn’t help them.
Why can’t we create such a database for cancer patients, so we can all learn from patient experiences and make more educated decisions on what treatments will extend and improve lives?
We need people — patients, doctors, scientists, politicians, investors, families — to make a fresh start. We must create a new system of data collection and an open, online, broad-range database about patient histories that will provide information invaluable to those who’ve been given a death sentence. Patients as well as doctors must contribute.”

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