It’s only natural for cancer patients, and their advocates, to search the Internet for information that might lead to a cure. However, there is a great deal of nonsense out there that might cause more harm than good. Yes, there may be a golden nugget of information from another country, but use your common sense. America has some of the finest doctors in the world, and many are in touch with their international counterparts, and therefore will likely know about international developments.

When looking at websites on the Internet keep these four guidelines in mind:

  • Look at dates of the information as new treatments are being found every day.
  • Look for an “About Us” section. A reputable cancer treatment facility will have respected memberships and certifications with major organizations.
  • Rely on the websites of experts. Most hospitals have online libraries of accurate information that you can consult.
  • Be wary of miracle developments. A pill or treatment from a poor source is probably there to separate you from your money. Breakthrough developments in the field of immunology will be well reported in trusted sources such as the National Cancer Institute,, TIME magazine, and newsletters from and major cancer treatment centers.

A good article on this topic can be found in a blog post from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.