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Cancer Advocate or Caregiver – The Difference!

Often the two titles – Advocate or Caregiver are blurred or even misapplied. The role of an advocate is usually one of being more involved by ensuring the best possible information and treatment on a cancer patient’s journey.

A person with a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelmed emotionally. An effective patient advocate will:

  • Help a patient be sure they have useful information on the best cancer treatments
  • Ensure the doctors and treatments centers are the best for a particular type of cancer
  • Attend doctor’s appointments with the patient and take notes for discussion later
  • Take steps to help obtain medical treatments quickly
  • Pursue insurance companies for the needed approvals
  • Contact family members that may live in other cities or states with occasional updates
  • Contact a patient’s employer, at the patient’s request, if necessary
  • Fix disparities in care
  • Find appropriate clinical trials, if possible
  • Be aware of a patient’s medical needs and concerns so they can be addressed

A caregiver is usually more for emotional support and will provide needed relief from the seriousness of cancer. Ask how you can help! Make sure family and friends are involved who are positive and bring support in the right way. Help patients take a breath from the daily grind and enjoy small moments that bring joy. Help cancer patients celebrate special occasions like birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Cancer patients need some extra resources for difficult times.  Potluck dinners, driving them to appointments, helping with mail, and taking care of children are all examples of being a great caregiver!

LabCorp Reports New Use of Agilents Cancer Diagnostic Test

Nasdaq … Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings or LabCorp recently announced that Agilents Dako pathology divisions development, the PD, L1 IHC 28,8 pharmDx assay, is now available in the United States for new expanded use. Per LabCor, this test has got the U.S. approval to be used as a complementary diagnostic with Bristol Myers Squibb Companys BMY OPDIVO for two new indications, metastatic urothelial carcinoma or bladder cancer and squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck, respectively.

Immunology Equipment Market Research and Analysis from 2017 to 2022…

Immunology Equipment Market report gives key measurements available status of the Immunology Equipment Manufacturers and is a significant wellspring of direction and bearing for organizations and people inspired by the Immunology Equipment Industry. In Immunology Equipment Market report, there is an area for rivalry scene of the worldwide Immunology Equipment Industry. This opposition scene demonstrates a perspective of the key Players…

Cancer Immunotherapy IMCgp100 Shows Early Positive Results in Advanced Uveal Melanoma …  While skin melanoma has long been treated with drugs that boost immune responses, called immune checkpoint inhibitors, they have shown limited effectiveness in patients with uveal melanoma, which arises from the pigment cells of the eye.

In an attempt to develop therapies for melanoma and uveal melanoma patients, Immunocore developed a new immunotherapy that …

Early Results Suggest Opdivo Combo May Help People with Advanced Pancreatic Cancer …  Adding cabiralizumab to Opdivo nivolumab induced durable clinical benefit in heavily treated pancreatic cancer patients, a group largely insensitive to immunotherapy, early results from an ongoing Phase 1a/1b trial show.

The combination also appears to be safe and well-tolerated, and may be a promising approach for pancreatic cancer patients who are resistant to anti-PD-1/PD-L1 immunotherapies…